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Basketball Courts

Basketball Court 

Basketball Court Rules and Regulations

The Power Ranch tennis and basketball courts are for your use and enjoyment.  We need the cooperation of all Residents to make the courts a fun, safe and sanitary facility for everyone.  Owners must advise residents and their guests of the rules and safety precautions.  The following rules must be observed at all times.

1. The common area owned by the Power Ranch Community Association is available to Residents and their guests subject to all of the restrictions in the Power Ranch governing documents as well as these and other Rules and Regulations adopted by the Association.

2. Basketball courts will be available from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM daily.

3. Tennis and basketball courts are available on a first come basis, first served basis.  Please limit your playtime to two (2) hours court time.  If others are waiting then the court time is limited to 1.5 hours. Stop by the association office to obtain a tennis court key.

4. Food is not allowed on the tennis courts.  Non – alcoholic beverages are allowed in plastic containers only.

5. Bicycles, roller blades, skateboard and any similar equipment are strictly prohibited on the courts.

6. Appropriate tennis attire must be worn at all times when using the courts.  Appropriate attire includes a shirt and non-marking soled shoes.

7. Running shoes will not be permitted on the courts.  Non-marking shoes are required.

8. No pets are permitted in the court areas at any time.

9. No smoking.

10. The use of the tennis and basketball courts by guests or a group will at no time be allowed to exclude the use of the facilities by other residents.

11. Violations of these rules may result in 
    (a) temporary revocation (up to 30 days) of court privileges
    (b) suspension of court privileges
    (c) fines and assessments, and/or 
    (d) legal action against the violator.

12. Emergencies, complaints, concerns and compliments should be addressed to the Community Manager at 480 988-0960, or in person at the management office located inside the Carriage House at 4546 E. Haven Crest Drive, Gilbert, Arizona 85297.