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Ranch House Pool Pavilion

RH Pool Pav 

Ranch House Pool Pavilion is located inside the Ranch House Clubhouse Pool, 4444 E. Haven Crest Drive 

Maximum # of Guests not to exceed 25 people.


This pavilion is located within the Ranch House Pool area, along the north fence. The covered portion is about 85' x 20' sq. ft. During rentals the pool is still open to residents. This pool is heated to 82 degrees by solar year-round. However, water temperatures in the summer months may be warmer.

The maximum number of guests must not exceed 25. This covered area has five picnic tables and six round tables, seating four people each. There are two concrete garbage cans, large serving space, and a large charcoal BBQ grill. The only electricity is located near the bathrooms. No lifeguard is on duty. Swim diapers are required for babies. A pool key is required to access the bathrooms and to let guests into the gate. An alarm will sound if gate is left open, in order to protect the children. Parking is available in the adjacent lot. During the summer months use of the misting system can be added to the rental. No refunds due to inclement weather or pool closure. 

To reserve space there is a $150 refundable security deposit at the time of the reservation; and $25 rental fee for the first four hours ($10 each additional hour) due 30 days prior to the event. $25 more for the misting system.