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Fishing Lakes


There are two community CATCH & RELEASE fishing lakes within Power Ranch.

The Ranch House Lake is located south of Germann Rd. on Ranch House Parkway. It is immediately south of the Ranch House Clubhouse. 4444 E. Haven Crest Drive.

The Barn lake is located south of Pecos Rd. on Ranch House Parkway. It is immediately north of the Barn. 3685 E. Autumn Drive.

Both lakes provide irrigation to all of the green space in our community. The water is pumped from one of three wells, held in the lake reservoir, and then pumped out for irrigation.

As a resident of Power Ranch you have the opportunity to use either lake for catch and release fishing. However, you are required to carry a community fishing pass with you at all times to prove your residency.

The lake is stocked with a variety of fish including Large Mouth Bass, Red Ear Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Goldfish, Tilapia, Fathead Minnow, and Grass Carp. Power Ranch resident's bait of choice - hot dogs and corn.

Stop by the Ranch House or Carriage House to pick up a FREE fishing pass. Store it in your tackle box. Only one issued per household.