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RanchHousePoolBarn pool edit

Ranch House Pool: 4444 East Haven Crest Drive

Barn Pool: 3685 South Autumn Drive

There are also three pools in the Knolls Neighborhood which are exclusively for Knolls residents.  They are located on South Posse Trail, East Calistoga Lane, and South Bonanza Road.

Pool Hours: Weekdays from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm  

Weekends and holidays from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm


Swimmers assume personal risk for themselves and their guests. Children 13 and under must be supervised by a responsible adult 18 years of age or older.

Caution shallow water no diving.

No pets allowed.
No running on the deck.
No glass containers allowed.
No food or drink permitted in the pool.
“Swim diapers” required.
No alcohol permitted in the pool area.
No smoking allowed.
Set the volume on musical devices so as not to disturb others.
Proper swimwear required. No cutoffs. Tee shirts over swimsuits allowed.
Use of flotation devices can be used if the pool is not crowded.
No suntan oils permitted. Shower before entering the pool.
No wet swimwear allowed inside the clubhouse.
Keep gates closed – do not prop open.





By Dom Mansueto
Maintenance Supervisor
As the heat increases so does the usage of the
community’s pools. Here are the top ten tips for keeping
the pools clean and safe this summer:
1. Make sure children are in swim diapers. Swim diapers
are not absorbent; they are only made to contain
solid waste. Change diapers as soon as they are
soiled, away from pool area.
2. Take frequent bathroom breaks and remember to
stay hydrated. If there is an accident in the pool,
please notify the office about it ASAP by calling
480-988-0960. We need to get the pool treated as
soon as possible. If it is after office hours, please call
Grounds Services North at 480-229-4051 or South at
3. Use an appropriate amount of sunscreen. It takes
30 minutes for sunscreen to absorb and penetrate
the skin, so you should apply it at least thirty minutes
before arriving at the pool.
4. Shower before swimming to reduce the risk of
waterborne illnesses. Also, remember to shower off
after you swim, as that will reduce the likelihood of
rashes and illness. There are showers located at all of
the Power Ranch pools.
5. Do not allow children to throw coins or rocks in the
6. Do not put pool furniture in the pools.
7. Absolutely no glass is permitted in the pool area.
Broken glass in the pool area or decking will close
the pool for an extended period while the pool is
drained and cleaned.
8. Wear the appropriate swim clothes. Dark color shirts
and street clothes like jeans impact water clarity,
quality and can cause damage to the pool drains
and filters.
9. Do not leave toys floating in the pool or on the
bottom when you leave.
10. Report inappropriate pool usage to the Association
office or Grounds Services at the number listed