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Parks/Recreation Committee

The committee shall work with the staff liaison on the following:
This committee is established to interface with the Board of Directors for the purpose of evaluating Power Ranch facilities in the next few years. 
The overall plan should encompass the feasibility of neighborhood suggestions such as bocce courts, dog parks, skateboard area, outdoor fitness equipment, mile markers on the trails, etc.  
The Committee will meet with various vendors, review the options available, and determine which products best suit the Power Ranch Community, how to phase the improvements as it relates to funding the projects. 
The Committee may utilize surveys to gather input from residents of the community and make a final recommendation to the Board of Directors.


Budget & Finance Committee 

The committee shall work with the staff liaison on the following:
Assist in the formulation of the annual operating budget for the association and all sub-associations, and make recommendations to the Board concerning the overall budget, as well as recommended assessment rates.
Review the Reserve Study and make recommendations to the Board on the annual reserve budget.
Recommend to the Board selection of the auditors.
Plan for the future financial health of the association by monitoring investments and making recommendations to the Board for investing association funds in accordance with the current investment policy.
Annually review and recommend changes to the Investment Policy, as appropriate, to the Board for approval.
Review monthly financial statements and variance reports, and make recommendations to the Board of any potential budget modifications and allocation of funds.
As directed by the Board, the committee may develop recommendations on proposed expenditures of association funds that are not budgeted, or which are out of the ordinary for the association.


Landscape Committee

The committee shall work with the staff liaison on the following:
Review maintenance/ upgrades/ enhancements relating to Power Ranch.
Inspect all (buildings and grounds) and make recommendations for improvements or changes. 
Meet as needed with the contractors and management to discuss various landscape issues including completion and quality assurance.
Complete special assignments as requested by the Board.  Special assignments may include research and recommendations for specific improvements. 
Serve as the eye/ears of PRCA by reviewing the condition of landscaping, maintenance, safety, and aesthetics of all common areas and association real property. 
Provide ideas on how to improve the aesthetics of all common areas.
Organize and coordinate all self-help and volunteer efforts.
Participate in the development of RFP and contract specifications relating to landscaping


Design Review Committee

The committee shall work with the staff liaison on the following:
It is the duty of this Committee to consider and act upon all proposals and plans submitted and shall furnish a written decision to the applicant.  
Proposals and plans submitted shall be voted on by the Committee with the majority vote rendering the decision. Further responsibilities and authorities are defined by Article XI, Sections 11.1 – 11.9 of the CC&Rs.  
The Committee is to communicate the results of such efforts to the Association Management team and to the Board of Directors.  
Should the Committee review a submittal that may require additional information or that the Committee requests the Board review prior to rendering a decision, the Committee Chair shall communicate that to Management for inclusion in the next Board meeting agenda.
The DRC may communicate information and observations to the Management Team that are deemed important to the welfare and/or operations of the property and association.  
The Committee shall provide and distribute to the Board of Directors an agenda prior to each meeting.  Draft minutes must be prepared and delivered to the Management Team in order to be included in the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting materials.


Knolls Committee

The committee shall work with the staff liaison on the following:
The Committee is to communicate any recommendations to the Board of Directors and/or  the Budget Finance committee as requested.  
The Community Manager should be kept apprised of meetings and recommendations in order to stay current on the Committee’s activities and progress.  
The Board of Directors shall appoint a liaison to the committee.  
The committee shall choose a chairperson to be ratified by the Board of Directors.