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Amenities Card Application

  1. Amenities Access Card Acceptance
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  5. All residents must provide a valid photo ID and proof of residency (i.e. bill, lease agreement, closing papers, etc.) before being issued card(s) to Power Ranch amenities. An amenities key card is required to access the Ranch House and Barn Pools, splash pad, restrooms, tennis courts and the Ranch House Community Room. New home owners first card is FREE, a second card may be purchased for an additional $10 at the time the first card is issued. There is a $50.00 replacement charge for lost or stolen key cards. All card purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. Cards reported lost or stolen are removed from the access system. Knolls neighborhood residents have exclusive access to the three Knolls neighborhood pools. Cards must be returned to the Association office by the homeowner/tenant when moving or selling the home. Cards are subject to de-activation for delinquent assessments or for residents that have violated the CC&Rs and/or Power Ranch rules.

    Residents can pick up the amenities card from the Carriage House after they are notified that it's ready. 

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