Centennial Elementary

Visit the Centennial Elementary School websiteCentennial School is a community school in Higley Unified School District serving neighborhood kindergarten through sixth-grade students. Our learning environment provides each and every child the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment and develop a life-long quest for learning and knowledge.

Programs & Classes

Centennial Elementary offers all the programs and classes currently available at all Higley elementary schools, including:

  • Kids Club, a morning and after-school care program offed through Community Education
  • Higley Youth Sports League, an after-school athletics program offered through Community Education
  • Elementary school band
  • Technology, physical education and arts programs

Centennial students also have the option to join the morning orchestra program for elementary school students and additional clubs formed based on student interest.

Academics Character Tradition (ACT) 212

At Centennial, staff and students follow the model to "ACT 212".

A is for academics; we promote high standards and academics.

C is for character; we help our students to be contributing citizens through service learning opportunities and character lessons.

T is for tradition; we have many traditions that we hold close to our heart such as our:

  • Assemblies that the staff puts on for our students
  • Pumpkin Lighting
  • Reading Under the Stars, and much more
  • Talent shows
  • Teacher of the Year recognition

212 stands for ’going the extra degree’; at 211 degrees water doesn’t boil, but just by going one more degree it creates steam/energy and gets things moving. This is the philosophy that we live by, always going the extra degree in all we do.