Gilbert Trash Information

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Visit the Town of Gilbert website for additional information.

Trash, Recycle and Bulk Pickup Schedules

The Town of Gilbert manages all trash, recyclables and bulk trash pick up within the Power Ranch Community.  Please visit the Town of Gilbert’s  website for trash, recycle and bulk trash pick up schedules.

Bulk Trash

Bulk Trash pick up is a service for items that are too large to fit in your trash container.  Please reference the Town of Gilbert Bulk Trash section on their website for acceptable bulk trash items and placement.

Early placement of items will result in a violation and/or fine.

2021 Bulk Trash Schedule

Placement Begins
Collection Begins the Week Of
January 9January 11
February 13February 15
March 20March 22
April 24April 26
May 29May 31
July 3July 5
August 7August 9
September 11September 13
October 16October 18
November 27November 29