Barn Renovation

The Barn Renovation project has been approved by your Board of Directors.  This project is scheduled to begin in June 2020 and completed in the fall.   

Contracting Architect

Douglas Fredrikson Architects has been contracted as the official Architect of this project.  

Construction Contractor

Symmetry Construction, LLC has been contracted as the official Construction Crew of this project.

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Project Updates

September 4

Heavy equipment was brought in to move large beams over the building for use in the construction of the new back patio of the Barn.

August 20

The Barn renovation Ad-Hoc Committee has made new selections for the bathroom and kitchen.  Most on-site work this week has been electrical and AC projects.

August 10

Various irrigation conversions have been completed prior to new concrete pour.

July 27, 2020

Demolition of the back patio has begun to provide a new open space concept.

July 23, 2020

Construction has begun!  Floors, walls, plumbing are being torn out and reframed.

July 6, 2020

Dumpsters and construction crew items are delivered to the Barn in preparation.

July 1, 2020 

The kitchen at the barn has been removed. Appliances and cabinets were donated to community elementary schools and nonprofit partners of Power Ranch.  (Photos to right).  Previously used tables and chairs have been donated to local nonprofit partners of Power Ranch.

Barn History

The Barn was completed in 2005 during the second phase of development in the Power Ranch community.  The Barn was originally intended to be used as a workout facility for the residents.  Sunbelt Holdings (community developer) conducted a trial period of this use.  The workout facility was not highly used by community residents and the building was then converted to a rental amenity.  

The new floorplan offers 3,000 sq ft of open space and has been home to a full schedule of classes and clubs, Community events as well as weddings, graduation and birthday parties.  In addition to its large open floorplan the facility houses a 9,000 sq ft event lawn that over looks one of the two-acre lakes maintained by PRCA.

This renovation will be the first "facelift" to the building since its original build.

New and Upgraded items

Below is a list of items approved for remodel during the Barn Project
  • Upgraded kitchen
  • Upgraded and improved Mens and Women's Restrooms
  • Addition of a Bridal Suite
  • New tables and chairs