Over 280 acres of landscape is maintained in the Power Ranch Community.  As recorded, over the past 15 years, the community uses approximately 925 acre feet of water annually. This annual water usage is more than the area to fill the Empire State Building.

General Landscape Information

Power Ranch has more than 14,000 trees and an estimated 650,000 plants.  Each neighborhood was designed with tree lined streets and specific tree selections for each individual neighborhood within Power Ranch.

Tree Trimming

Regular tree trimming helps maintain the tree's structure and integrity.  This includes thinning the tree canopy, removing crossing and dead branches, and elevating the canopy so it does not obstruct sidewalks and vehicles using the roads, including emergency vehicles and garbage trucks.  The Four Peaks Landscaping Arborists are trained professionals that work throughout the community on a rotating basis to each of the 11 Power Ranch neighborhoods.


Four Peaks Crew Schedule

The Four Peaks Landscaping team is divided into multiple "crews" such as the arborists (tree professionals), mow, spray, irrigation and renovation crews.  Much like a standard office operates in departments these crews work within their specialty.  These crews work on a rotating schedule within the Power Ranch Community, with the exception of the Knolls benefinited neighborhood who has a dedicated crew.

Although the crews work on a continuous rotation there are times when all members must join together for storm clean up, a large renovation project or the such.  We appreciate your understanding during these times and will return crews to their appropriate schedules as quickly as possible.

Streetscape Trees

Four Peaks Landscaping offers residents of Power Ranch a promotional rate for the trimming of the streetscape tree in their yard. The streetscape is the area between the sidewalk and the street that your irrigation waters.

The streetscape tree needs to be maintained in order to improve the tree's structure.  When you have your tree trimmed by Four Peaks, the guidelines of the National Arborist Association Class 2 Tree Trimming is followed.  Up to 30% of the tree canopy is removed with the priority being roadside and sidewalk clearance.  If less than 30% of the tree canopy is removed (following roadside and sidewalk clearance), structural and canopy thinning will be completed for the remainder.  This is an optional program offered to residents once annually.  Register to have your streetscape tree trimmed online.

View 2023 Tree Trimming Schedule

Power Ranch Well - Irrigation System

The landscape irrigation is derived from the use of three on-property wells. Water is pulled from 700 feet deep and is pushed over two miles to the two community lakes where the water is held until needed. Each lake is approx. 18' deep with a 2.1 acre surface area. A pump station is located at both the Ranch House and Barn lakes. The pump stations pull water from the lake and deliver it to over 3,000 individual valves located throughout the community.

View a graph on how the wells operate in Power Ranch

Weather Station

Using data gathered from the dedicated onsite weather station, we can modify irrigation schedules daily based on current weather trends. The weather station measures, in real time solar radiation, humidity, wind conditions, and collects and daily precipitation data. The system is programmed to automatically adjust daily for any minor changes in Evapotranspiration rates of the landscape. This system is monitored 7 days a week and the system will automatically shut down a neighborhood in the event of a mainline break or unexpected high or low flow situations.

Well-Irrigation FlowChart